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Behind the Scenes at our Recent Zee Video Shoot!

January 12, 2012

It was a sunny winter day when the Zee Stroller first touched down on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.  The clear sky made for a flawless backdrop as the 9″ rear wheels hit the cement footpath and the 7″ front wheels swiveled in motion instantly acquainting itself with the terrain. The EX-tended canopy lowered in place while the limber footrest stretched itself out and the full recline settled in. The Zee was ready; ready for its first official transportation assignment,  ready to head out on its inaugural passenger ride, and ready for its debut on the (not so) big screen.

Zee & Zee TWO in NY!

The Zees posing with their best angles

What's Brooklyn without a Fire Hydrant?

Or construction?

"Boy is this relaxing..."

"Can my big brother come too?"

Is she really holding that?

TWO sets of legs

"Brooklyn really is a fascinating place to stroll"

The Zee can be a Bassinet too!

Until next time...

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